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Ask for Maria at the reception to reveal to you the secret beaches of the island.

Ask for Maria at the reception to reveal to you the secret beaches of the island.

Although it is located 1 hour away from the port of Piraeus, it still remains unknown to a lot of people.

The island is a great resort for those who love peace and quiet and are looking for peaceful vacation while relaxing in a friendly environment. It is adorned with crystal-clear emerald waters, beautiful small bays with sand or shingle and the 70% of the island is covered with a pine forest.

Here are 4 reasons to visit the Paradise called Agistri.

Agistri: A paradise near Athens

The island is only 50 minutes with the flying dolphins & 90 minutes with the ferry boat from the port of Pireaus, with daily schedules, throughout the whole day so that to accommodate the people.
Hellenic Travel Agency (Agkistri) : 22970-91171-91470
(Piraeus) : 210-4199000
Aegean Travel Agency (Agkistri) : 22970-91221
(Piraeus) : 210-4121654
Agkistri Port Authority : 22970-91541

The majestic beaches in Agkistri

Το νησί φημίζεται για τις πεντακάθαρες οργανωμένες παραλίες του, καθώς και τις πιο απομακρυσμένες για ρομαντικές αποδράσεις!

*the main sandy beach of Skala
Which is the first thing you see when you get off the boat on the port of Skala, known to everyone for being clean and organized and that’s why it is established as the most popular on the island…there are also sunbeds, umbrellas, sea sports and a life guard!

Skala’s beach in Agkistri, ideal for families and friends with coffees, snacks and lifequards.


Chalkiada’s beach with its unique waters!

* the pebbled beach of Dragonera
Located on the west part of the island, it is orginised with sunbeds and only 20 metres away from the pine forest, making the scenery simply…magical!

*Aponisos , is a private island on the southwest part of the island and is connected with Agistri with a bridge. Its blue waters will captivate you from the first minute you arrive there.

*Chalkiada , an also wonderful remote beach.
It is on the north-east part of the island and only 20 minutes on foot from Skala, at the area of Skrili. The imposing rocks and caves combined with the green waters will take your mind to exotic destinations.

Finally, there a few more unknown to the many, for which you can get information from the reception.

Agistri:An affordable and high-quality destination

12404686_10206309327429601_1407695603_nAgkistri is an ideal vacation destination not only because of its proximity to Piraeus but also for the low budget it requires.

Also, the tickets are quite affordable and the prices on local stores are inexpensive combined with excellent quality and service. Visit us and you will see!

Agistri: An ideal destination for couples and families

Agkistri is one of the most popular destinations for couples and families during the last few years.

The calm and perfectly organized environment of the island contributes to the rising number of visitors coming every year.

On the one hand, the quiet beaches for the day and the small bars for the night attract more couples every year for their summer vacation.

On the other hand, the clean beaches, the shallow waters and the safe environment of the island make it a place worth visiting for families too.

Finally, the commute on the island is quite convenient, since there are 2 taxis and one bus for whichever destination you want to go to. You can also rent a bicycle or a scooter with your driving license!

Useful Phones in Agkistri

Municipality of Agkistri : 22970-91260
Police : 22970-91201
Coast Guard : 22970-91541
Medical Office : 22970-91215
Pharmacy : 22970-91540
Bus : 6978711899
Taxi : 6977662004
Sea Taxi : 6944535659
Airport : 210-3500000

Agistri is the smallest island in the Saronic, the greenest and the most picturesque.
Its well preserved secret…


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